Metalworld is a Metal Merchant You Can Trust

From Pipes & Fittings to Fencing, you can count on us.


We offer our customers a wide selection of steel products that we stock at our premises.

Valves, Pipes & Fittings

Trading in pipes and fittings since 2005, we stock a wide range of pipe fittings in various sizes, finishes and qualities.


We offer a complete solution suited to any fencing requirement and can offer expert advice.


For added convenience, we stock a wide range of hardware products to compliment the rest of our range.

We are one of the leading suppliers of steel, valves, pipes, fittings & fencing products in the Lowveld!

We Won’t Let You Down

Why Choose Us

We Won’t Let You Down

Why Choose Us

We Are Passionate:
With our diverse range of products and services and wealth of expertise, we are confident that we can handle any enquiry.

Honest & Dependable:
Our versatile fleet of vehicles deliver to every corner of the Lowveld to ensure that you get your material without delay!

We Are Always Improving:
Stocking only the latest and the best quality material is what we strive for. Trust us to never let you down.