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Our Company offers a range of quality metal products, including various forms of fencing, sourced from only the most reliable suppliers. Metal World has become a household name for being the leading steel suppliers and we deliver our products anywhere in the Lowveld.

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Securing your home these days is important because crime is getting worse on a daily basis; in April 2014 to March 2015, according to the latest crime statistics in South Africa, there were 831 fatalities due to crime in Mpumalanga.

Securing your home should be a priority. Most home owners are unfamiliar with the weak spots in their home security some don’t even bother securing their homes or the fencing around it.
There are a few things you can do to eliminate your home from being a target… Here are a few tips to help secure your home…


Fencing around your home:

For the average person, a simple wall around your home will not do you justice, because it’s easy for a burglar to climb over your wall and work their way into your home. Many people can’t afford to have Electric fencing around their homes but palisade fencing or even properly installed mesh fencing is just as good; these products will make it much harder for a burglar to climb over.


Steel Palisade fencing

Secure all the doors:

Most burglars find the easiest way to enter your home and the easiest happens to be your front door. A steel security gate on all the doors in your home is recommended and make sure that they are strong. Don’t sacrifice security for a pretty view, especially with the crime level in South Africa.



Steel Window Frames:

Windows are probably the second easiest way for a burglar to enter your home so make sure that your windows are closed at all times. And having high-quality steel frames on each and every window in your home will definitely deter intruders. Find a Company that manufactures or supplies good quality steel products in your area, like Metal World.


Security around your home is very important; protect yourself and your loved ones…